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Our Holistic Coach

Alexia Axioti BA, MA, MBA

Alexia is a certified Coach & Mentor practicing Spiritual & Intuitive Guidance, and a Pranic Healing therapist. She guides her clients towards alignment and living their authentic lives.

Alexia Axioti

Alexia is a certified Coach practicing Spiritual & Intuitive guidance and a Pranic Healing therapist. But she hasn't always been so. 

Alexia studied Culture & Communication (BA) and Marketing Communications (MA) in the UK. She has been trained and worked in Switzerland, Sweden and Norway. 


She progressed in the corporate world and was a senior manager for 15 years with a corporate MBA under her belt, but realized she was settling for a life that didn’t fully suit her. 


Her passion for empowering people led her to acquire a Certification of Personal & Executive Coaching from the Athens Coaching Institute. This led her to co-found Own Your Story, a storytelling agency that coaches and mentors people and companies to share their stories. For the past years she has volunteered for the organization Women on Top, mentoring extraordinary women and for TEDxAthens as a speaker's coach.


Alexia found out early in life that we are more than just our physical bodies. Throughout the years,  she became a dedicated student of inner practices & spiritual topics. She got introduced to Pranic Healing and became an Energy healer helping people to live their own truth and clear the blocks that stand in their way. Using the gifts that she discovered on her own quest for truth, Alexia guides people towards alignment and living conscious lives.

Alexia is a valuable member of Amna Holistic Psychology’s Therapists team providing Holistic Coaching sessions, Pranic Healing sessions for psychological conditions, as well as Space/House Cleansing sessions.

Alexia offers healing sessions in Greek and English.



Qualifications & Training


Accredited Diploma in Evidence-Based Coaching - Athens Coaching Institute

Storytelling for Coaches - CTAA

Spirituality Coaching - CTAA


Pranic Crystal Healing Certification -Institute of Inner Studies 

Pranic Psychotherapy Certification - Institute of Inner Studies 

Advanced Pranic Healing Certification - Institute of Inner Studies

Basic Pranic Healing Certification - Institute of Inner Studies

Superbrain Yoga Certification -Institute of Inner Studies


Advanced Past Life Regression Therapy- CTAA 

Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Certificate - CTAA 

Spiritual Shamanic Healing Techniques- CTAA

Accredited Diploma in Feng Shui - CTAA


Corporate MBA - H&M Stockholm

MA in Marketing Communication - Bournemouth University

BA in Culture & Communication - Lancaster University

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