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Our Dramatherapist

Panagiota Kapralou
Panagiota is a drama therapist, sociologist and artist. She guides and supports her clients through art and expression.

Panagiota Kapralou

Panagiota Kapralou has been trained in Dramatherapy (2016 - 2023) at the "Erma" Psychotherapeutic and Educational Center, member of the Hellenic Professional Union of Dramatherapists & Playtherapists. 

She studied Sociology (2011 - 2015) at Panteion University. During her studies she received numerus scholarships. In 2016 she completed her training in Greek Sign Language at the National Deaf Foundation. She worked for several years (2017 - 2023) in public and private schools supporting students with learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

She has also worked at the Child's Smile SOS 1056 helpline for the prevention and treatment of violence against children. She currently, works at Siniparxi, Network of Social Solidarity, Mental Health Support & Culture, providing Dramatherapy sessions for groups and individuals. 

She had previously worked as a volunteer in Vsa Hellas, Network of inclusive art groups (2015 - 2018). She was also part of the theatrical group helping with the preparation and presentation of the theatrical performances. 

Panagiota has attended numerus seminars on Dramatherapy, Playtherapy, Dance Therapy and other psychotherapeutic approaches. 

In 2022 she coordinated a Dramatherapy workshop in the context of 11th ΕΕΨΕ online conference on “The contribution of Psychotherapy to individuals and collective trauma”. 

She loves poetry and theatre and has attended numerous art seminars. In 2018 she received a scholarship for the two-year program of the youth poetry workshop “Takis Sinopoulos”.  She has, also, attended an educational program for the use of dance and other forms of art in experiential education in Cadiz, Spain. 



Dramatherapy is a psychotherapeutic approach that uses art as a medium. The means of Dramatherapy are creative and symbolic expression through painting, clay, movement, relaxation, stories and fairy tales, role playing, improvisation, making masks etc.  An important part of the dramatherapeutic process is also verbal sharing, which is provided on both an individual and group level. 

The individual or the group, through the use of art, delves deeper into the issues it explores, safely retrieving valuable information from the unconscious mind and thus acquiring a clearer perception of these issues. Gradually, a release from traumatic experiences is achieved, which gives a feeling of relief, liberation and ultimately leads the individual to personal evolution and growth.  In Dramatherapy we use art as a means, exclusively to explore individual or group issues and we are not at all concerned about the aesthetic effect.

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