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Child therapy

Kids do better when they feel better

We welcome the opportunity to investigate concerns with learning, behaviour, or adaptation in children of all ages who may have long standing difficulties. We start with meeting you for an Initial Consultation (parent interview), followed by a screening session with your child to help understand the underlying struggles, and ways we can support.

Understanding how certain difficulties impact on self-esteem and mood can sometimes be critical to making effective therapeutic recommendations. We will then closely investigate and plan individual targeted interventions. We often invite you, the parents, to be curious together about your child's behaviour. When we view behaviours with more understanding, harmony in the relationship is more likely to unfold. As children feel attuned to, they become more equipped to understand, express and manage strong feelings.


Our services include parent or caregiver consultation, teacher consultation, parent-child play therapy, and individual play therapy. We look forward to getting to know each new family and building upon their unique strengths! Here are some of the things we can help your family and child with:

  • Childhood anxiety

  • Childhood depression

  • Childhood trauma / Abuse recovery (PTSD)

  • Stuttering speech disorder and social anxiety

  • Difficulty with emotional regulation / Behaviour management support

  • Aggressive behaviour/ Behavioural tantrums

  • Selective mutism

  • Friendship / Peer difficulties

  • Bullying

  • Disruptive behaviour disorders (ADHD, ODD, ADD)

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder and Special Education Needs support

  • Family support

Diagnostic Assessments


We offer Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule 2 (ADOS 2); currently the most recognised and reliable tool for Autism Spectrum diagnosis worldwide.


The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule 2 (ADOS 2) is a semi-structured standardised assessment of communication, social interaction, and play for use with individuals with possible autism spectrum disorders. ADOS has demonstrated utility in distinguishing between children who have autism spectrum disorders from those who may have other developmental difficulties. The evaluation consists of a series of activities that permit observation of behaviours specific to autism spectrum disorders. It consists of multiple play based activities with accompanying behavioural ratings.


Our psychologist conducting the ADOS 2 assessment has been trained in London by the official provider of ADOS 2 in the UK, Pearson. Following the assessment an official report is provided with the findings and further recommendations.

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