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Our Holistic Mental Health Counselor

Maria Theotokatou
Maria is a certified mental health and integrative counselor. She specializes in grief and abuse recovery, and works therapeutically with adolescents and adults. Maria is also trained in and holds family constellation sessions at Amna Holistic Psychology. Maria offers sessions of Holistic Counselling, Pranic Healing and Sound Healing.

Maria Theotokatou

Maria started her journey with a degree in Counselling and Certification in the Therapeutic approach of Synthetic Consultation. She continued her studies by obtaining a Diploma as a Self-Improvement Counselor and then did her post-graduate training in Systemic Constellation. Her work in Systemic Therapy has opened new horizons contributing significantly to her growth, both personally and professionally.


Afterwards Maria decided to do many workshops around Energy Therapy through Institute of Inner Studies such as Basic Pranic Healing Certificate, Advanced Pranic Healing Certificate, Psychotherapy Pranic Healing Certificate, Superbrain Yoga certification.


Today, Maria effectively treats a multitude of different cases, applying certified methods and techniques, which she acquired through many years of training. In addition, in recent years she has been a regular member of the Hellenic Society of Counselling.


Maria also offers Sound massage sessions! Sound massage is a holistic relaxation method, which helps harmonizes the body and the mind within the sound and the vibration. During a full sound massage, tibetan singing bowls are placed on key areas of the body. Benefits include deep relaxation, improving sleep quality, achieving physical and emotional well being and stress relief.

Maria chose this path because she felt the need to help people get in touch with their inner self so that, through this process, each person could find their own personal path. Let us not forget that every human being is unique and by illuminating the true aspects of human existence, we help the human being to illuminate his or her own true needs and potential.

Family constellation 


Family Constellation, also known as Systemic Constellations, is a therapeutic and experiential method that is applied in human systems. System means the total elements which are interacted and are in interdependent. For example, the system is a family, a workplace, the habitants of a city, etc. The method depended on Systemic Therapy and the inspirer was Bert Hellinger.

According to Family Constellation, if a person is being repeatedly tortured by problems and difficulties, this may be due to traumas suffered by previous generations, even if that person has no idea about what has happened in the past.

The goal is to reveal an unrecognized dynamic in a given system in order to find a good and therapeutic solution for this person who suffers.

The method can be used both on an individual and group level. More specifically, at the group level it offers multiple benefits to the individual receiving the treatment, but also to the individuals in the group who participate in the process and who represent actual family members. The person receiving the therapy stands outside the circle and is able to observe dynamics and connections that he or she was probably completely unaware of until that moment. The stand-ins are new to the particular situation, so they don’t know the person’s family history or the particular situation being addressed, so they can bring fresh insights and give the person different perspectives to consider. The actual family members being portrayed are not present, so the person seeking therapy is free from worrying about the possibility of hurting their feelings or suffering repercussions for sharing a family secret. Individuals serving as stand-ins benefit in a couple of key ways: they may recognize aspects of themselves as well as their family’s generational dynamics and may gain a deeper understanding of their own situation or trauma.

So, with the guidance of the counselor the person who has a request, is gradually led to open his/her heart and face a new image, giving him/her a new perspective which at the same time is the therapeutic solution.

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